International Terminal

Boarding Area A - Level 3
Linda Geary : River

River 2021

Linda Geary
Ceramic tile mosaic
H90 in. x W328 in.
SFAC 202

Linda Geary is an abstract painter whose work is inspired by material processes of cutting, revision and repair; a collage approach that references actions of sewing and construction, akin to making a quilt. River refers to the synthesis of multiple sightlines and different ways of looking, and provides an energetic backdrop for travelers as they begin their journey. The composition references architectural facades, steps, and a body of water. The color palette is reminiscent of the psychedelic histories and traditions of San Francisco in the 1960s, while the sunrise pinks, midday blues and greens reflect the color of a setting sun over an imaginary body of water. Higher contrast yellows and oranges move upward like the reflection of a rising sun.