Outside Terminals

Grand Hyatt, Level 4
This Infinite Gateway of Time and Circumstance by Jacob Hashimoto

This Infinite Gateway of Time and Circumstance 2019

Jacob Hashimoto
Paper, UV ink, resin, bamboo, Spectra, acrylic, stainless steel
9 ft. x 39 ft x 9 ft.
SFAC 168

Composed of over 3,500 individual kite-like ellipses, this immersive sculpture floats between two floors of the building in an undulating, interwoven canopy. The work transforms as images of earth, sea and various graphics give way to a gradient of translucent whites, revealing what the artist envisioned as “a cloud of kites, and a landscape of air and earth, painted at the edge of the sky.” The work creates the impression of a landscape drifting in and out of visibility through clouds, or slowly becoming subsumed by a descending marine layer. Other references include video games, virtual environments, cosmology, systems and languages of representation, nature, art, technology and architecture.