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Fong Chung-ray : Painting #2018-8-6

Painting #2018-8-6 2018

Fong Chung-ray
Mixed media on canvas
SFAC 182

Born in Henan, China, Fong Chung-ray found his interest in abstract art when reading American journals and books after moving to Taiwan in 1949. In 1970, he was awarded the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, which enabled him to come to the United States to continue his art practice, and to settle down in the San Francisco Bay Area. For Painting #2018-8-6, he embedded traditional Chinese ink wash within an all-over abstract landscape. Using his handmade palm fiber brush, Fong applied acrylic paint to crumpled squares of mulberry paper. Then he transferred the paint from the distressed paper to the canvas, revealing his autographic “crackling” surface.