Outside Terminals

Grand Hyatt, Level 2
Winter/Spring, Standing in Claremont Canyon, by David Wilson

Winter/Spring, Standing in Claremont Canyon 2019

David Wilson
Sumi ink on Kozo rice paper
96 in. x 156 in.
SFAC 163

Artist David Wilson spends a lot of time outdoors, exploring the landscape around his Oakland home. For this work, Wilson found a site in Claremont Canyon where he planted himself to create a plein air drawing. The artist created a mobile work surface, which he transported to this location and left in place. Over the course of several months, Wilson took individual sheets of paper to his work station daily, drawing from direct observation. In total, this piece is comprised of 40 individual paper sections, offering a panoramic view stretching from South San Francisco to the city, including the area where the San Francisco Airport is located.