Education Program

Education Program

The Education Program for students is one of the ways SFO Museum enriches the visitor experience. Learning opportunities use curricula designed for specific grade levels that relate to California Department of Education Content Standards. SFO Museum offers a free, hands-on, aviation-focused program guided by experienced museum and library staff that runs 45 minutes.

The program can accommodate up to 30 students at a time. Special arrangements can be made for groups larger than 30. The program can be customized for more individualized education and adapted to suit higher-grade levels, and mixed-age groups.

Education packets for selected current exhibitions are available for download here:
VX Forever: The Legacy of Virgin America
Download the VX Forever: The Legacy of Virgin America education program

Education packets are also available to download for the following previous exhibitions:
California Modernist Women: Groundbreaking Creativity
Download the California Modernist Women education program.

Flying the Southern Cross Route: Seventy-Five years of Australian Commercial Air Service to North America
Download the Flying the Southern Cross education program.

Mathematics: Vintage and Modern
Download the Mathematics: Vintage and Modern education program.

Early American Motorcycles
Download the Early American Motorcycles education program.

The Intriguing World of Insects
Download the Intriguing World of Insects education program.

Reflections in Wood: Surfboards and Shapers
Download the Reflections in Wood: Surfboards and Shapers education program.

Empowering Threads: Textiles of Jolom Mayaetik
Download the Empowering Threads: Textiles of Jolom Mayaetik education program.

American Folk Art: An Enduring Legacy
Download the American Folk Art and Enduring Legacy education program.

Queen of the Skies: The Legacy of the Lockheed Constellation
Download the Queen of the Skies: The Legacy of the Lockheed Constellation education program.

A World of Masks: From the Collections of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Download the A World of Masks education program.

Scenes from Myth and Daily Life: Ancient Mediterranean Pottery
Download the Scenes from Myth and Daily Life: Ancient Mediterranean Pottery education program.

Woven Legacies: Basketry of Native North America
Download the Woven Legacies: Basketry of Native North America education program.

China Clipper
Download the China Clipper education program.

For more information on the Education Program, please contact:
Gabriel Phung