International Terminal

Boarding Area A - Level 3
Enrique Chagoya, Love letters

Love Letters 2000

Enrique Chagoya
Custom graphic, laminated glass
192 in. x 288 in.

Paper boats decorated with the poetry of many cultures are set adrift on the water. Included are a contemporary Filipino proverb, a traditional Lakota (Native American) song, a song from the Yuen Fu genre (Chinese, 221-205 B.C.), and “I love you” in American sign language. There are poems by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Mexican, 1648-1695), Emily Dickinson (American, 1830-1886), Arthur Rimbaud (French, 1854-1891), Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italian, 1922-1975), and Saigyo (Japanese, 1118-1190).