Outside Terminals

Grand Hyatt, Level 2
Cultural Fabric (Bay Area), by Miguel Arzabe

Cultural Fabric (Bay Area) 2019

Miguel Arzabe
Archival ink on archival paper
90 in. x 67 in.
SFAC 166

Miguel Arzabe collects and repurposes printed promotional material (posters, flyers, brochures, etc.) from art exhibitions he has attended. He often has a personal connection to the artist whose work is depicted therein. In Cultural Fabric (Bay Area), Arzabe created a digital collage of collected images from Bay Area art exhibitions. The images were then printed on paper, cut into strips, and woven together by hand to form a tapestry. The imagery was sourced from exhibition materials featuring work by Lisa K. Blatt, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Isaac Julien, Hung Liu, Alicia McCarthy, Klea McKenna, Sofie Ramos, Rachelle Reichert, Maja Ruznic, and Leo Valledor. Arzabe’s weaving process is an homage to the textile tradition of his Andean heritage (Bolivia). He creates his own patterns inspired by Andean motifs that describe the environment and mythology of a particular region.