Outside Terminals

Grand Hyatt AirTrain Station
We Will Walk Right Up To The Sun by Sarah Cain

We Will Walk Right Up To The Sun 2019

Sarah Cain
Stained and fused glass
10 ft. x 125 ft.
SFAC 171

With We will walk right up to the sun, Sarah Cain continues her boundless approach to painting with her debut in the medium of glass. Her immersive wall features an experimental use of traditional stained glass combined with new techniques.  Cain’s precisely orchestrated installation ensures that each experience of color does not intersect a matching tone while also balancing hues to create a vibrant, vital and inviting kaleidoscope. Shifting light depending on time and weather alters the viewers' experience of this work. With radiance and joy, Cain’s dynamic work warmly welcomes you to San Francisco.