Outside Terminals

Long Term Parking
Coding by Johanna Grawunder

Coding 2019

Johanna Grawunder
Computer-controlled color-changing RBG LED light fixtures, glass, painted steel panels
H1102 in. x W742 in. x D93 in. Height of facade, width of facade, depth of elevator bank
SFAC 187

Coding uses computer controlled lighting and decorative architectural finishes to create an immersive environmental installation. Materials that respond to reflection, luminosity, and changing colored lights express different features of the parking garage’s elevator tower design. Lighting in the elevator cabs creates luminous volumes that amplify the up and down movement of glass cabs; colored lighting panels in the elevator shafts express the stable interior supportive structure. Mirrored square and rectangle windows in the exterior glass facade spell out "San Francisco" in Morse code, while yellow steel panels on the structural mullions point north, south, east, west. The result is a dynamic and unexpectedly beautiful parking garage and delightful elevator ride.