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Supersonic Transport: The First Generation


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Supersonic Transport: The First Generation
New exhibition presents the legacy of the first-generation SSTs (supersonic transports) through aircraft models, airline flight attendant uniforms, meal service sets, photographs, and video excerpts from the 1976 British Airways promotional motion picture Transatlantic Supersonic.


SAN FRANCISCO—In the early 1960s, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States each began exploring the viability of commercial supersonic transports (SST). In 1962, Britain and France joined forces on the Concorde SST project. The next year, President John F. Kennedy announced an American equivalent. After winning the U.S. government contract, Boeing reconfigured and refined its 2707 SST design. However, in 1971, Congress cancelled funding before a prototype could be produced. Amid the height of the Cold War, the Soviets rushed forward with their SST design, the Tupolev Tu-144. It became the first SST to fly supersonic in 1969, and passenger service was launched in 1977. Yet, with little market for high-priced supersonic travel in the Soviet Union, operations were intermittent and brief and ended in the early 1980s. Air France and British Airways launched Concorde service in 1976, and shortly after, Braniff International and Singapore Airlines also briefly offered Concorde service. Traveling at twice the speed of sound, British Airways and Air France Concorde supersonic service remained a highly compelling flight experience for those who could afford the premium-priced fares. Service continued uninterrupted, primarily on transatlantic routes, until 2000 and then again from 2001 to 2003, when the SST was retired.
This exhibition features a unique collection of SST models, flight attendant uniforms, and inflight items that chronicle the development and service of the first-generation SSTs. The exhibition continues upstairs with a unique collection of Air France and British Airways Concorde SST promotional and inflight items that chronicle the supersonic transport’s development and service, including flight packets, luggage tags, safety cards, and souvenir gifts     

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Supersonic Transport: The First Generation can be viewed pre-security in the Aviation Museum and Library in the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport. This exhibition is on display for all Airport visitors from December 17, 2022 to November 12, 2023. There is no charge to view the exhibition. The Aviation Museum and Library is open daily, 10:00am to 4:30pm, closed holidays.

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