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First-Generation | China Dream and Suburban Chinatown


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First-Generation | China Dream & Suburban Chinatown
Inaugural exhibition in SFO’s new Ruth S. Kadish Gallery featuring photographs by Jessica Chou and Teresa Eng explores the complex identities and personal narratives belonging to the children of Chinese immigrants.

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco International Airport is proud to present First-Generation: China Dream and Suburban Chinatown. The exhibition features works by Taiwanese American photographer Jessica Chou and Chinese Canadian photographer Teresa Eng, whose projects focus both inwards at the countries of their upbringing, and outwards towards the country of their ancestors.

In her series, Suburban Chinatown, Chou, a first-generation Taiwanese American, examines daily life in the Chinese communities that have settled in the San Gabriel Valley—a cluster of ethnically diverse cities and suburbs located just east of Los Angeles. The area is home to Monterey Park, which in 1990, became the first city in the continental U.S. to reach an Asian descent majority population. The region represents a microcosm of changing demographics in the United States—one that highlights Asian American history and considers cultural assimilation as a two-way street.

In China Dream, Teresa Eng explores the country of her ancestors. Her parents, born in Southern China, fled to Hong Kong as children during the Cultural Revolution and later immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Eng presents a reimagined view of China, drawing on the cultural traditions of her childhood, the stereotypes she encountered, and the reality of the country today in the midst of rapid urbanization. 

First-Generation | China Dream & Suburban Chinatown is located in the secure connector between Terminals 2 and 3, from November 19, 2021, to May 05, 2022. The exhibition is located post-security and is only accessible to passengers ticketed for travel through Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and International Boarding Area G via a post-security connector. There is no charge to view the exhibition.

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