Seza Bali: Foliage

Terminal 2

January 2012 - March 2012

Seza Bali: Foliage

Seza Bali, who is known for her large-scale, fictional yet seamless, panoramic landscapes, was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She remembers Istanbul as a city full of concrete buildings, congested traffic, crowds, and nonstop energy. After her relocation to California’s West Coast, she developed a newfound affinity and appreciation for contemplation by visiting the forests, mountains, and beaches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While studying for a masters degree in fine-art photography at San Francisco Art Institute, she began exploring landscape photography. The beauty of the West Coast and its idyllic landscapes inspires Bali.

For Bali, the ability to create a new visual world through photography is as compelling as it is fascinating. Her photographic process elicits different feelings and emotions. Her appreciation and reverence for organic forms is reflected through her use of color, composition, and light, which manifests a sense of calmness and peacefulness that spring from the quiet reflection and contemplation that she found while exploring the natural landscapes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foliage series demonstrates that both beauty and tranquility can be found in the ordinary and expressed through photography. Foliage is an exploration on how photography can help humanity perceive nature.

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