San Mateo High School: A World of Possibilities

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Feb 13, 2019 - May 08, 2019

San Mateo HSSan Mateo HSSan Mateo HS

San Mateo High School: A World of Possibilities

Spanning 115 years, the San Mateo High School student body is a microcosm with a long history of cultural and economic diversity. The school’s motto is “Peace, Passion, and Pride.” Students of the art program are exposed to a broad arts curriculum, which includes a variety of traditional studio courses in addition to others that explore new digital media. They are given opportunities to approach class projects in an individual and creative way while maintaining focus on the development of skill and technique. The student work on display in this exhibition reflects the diversity of people, experience, and artwork at San Mateo High School.

San Mateo High School offers an Art Certificate Career Pathway program, where student artists are encouraged to expand their experience in the visual arts by developing self-directed projects with the guidance of the school’s art instructors. The program allows students the opportunity to develop a passion for making art, to gain pride in their own accomplishments, and to celebrate the achievements of their fellow classmates. Students take risks with their work, expanding and delving deep to create exceptional and unique artwork with technical mastery, versatility, and style. Here, students are introduced to a world of artistic possibilities and harness the creative process to discover who they are and how to become meaningful contributors to their community.

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