San Francisco Waldorf High School: Investigative Learning: Art, Nature, and Science

Terminal 1

October 2015 - November 2015

San Francisco Waldorf High School
Investigative Learning: Art, Nature, and Science

At San Francisco Waldorf High School, located in the West Portal neighborhood near Stern Grove, students discover a dynamic and challenging college-preparatory program grounded in the classics and engaged in the modern world. The curriculum’s integration of the arts with academics helps students become flexible, creative thinkers. Courses engage students at each stage of adolescent development. Direct-source material supplements textbooks, and exceptional faculty lead small, seminar-style classes.

Four years of art and music classes add richness and balance to a rigorous academic schedule. Students with varying levels of artistic expertise explore different disciplines, develop a strong aesthetic sense, and learn to work with their hands. Classes are taught by professional musicians, artists, and craftspeople and include such offerings as digital photography, filmmaking, copper arts, and weaving.

Waldorf education is thriving at more than one thousand schools in sixty countries. While each school operates independently, they all strive to help students become free, resilient, and creative human beings who lead lives of purpose and direction.

Ninth- through twelfth-grade students from both art and academic classes, including astronomy, black-and-white drawing, photography, geometry, and oil painting, created the artwork on display. Students used different media and materials, such as acrylic paint and photography, to express their point of view on a variety of topics.

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