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May 10, 2018 - Aug 14, 2018

Photo Alliance | HOME

The word “home” evokes a variety of images and emotions for different people. To some, it may conjure thoughts of where we begin or end our day—an actual place or a state of mind. To others, it may be a feeling or sensation, either well-known or sought after. Home can be a place of solitude and introspection, or one of engagement with family and community. The group exhibition in this gallery features artists whose photographs explore notions of home and the many forms it can take.

Photo Alliance: Home was produced in collaboration with Photo Alliance, a non-profit organization that has served the Bay Area photography community for the past fifteen years. In addition to public lectures, workshops, and symposia, Photo Alliance produces an annual juried photography exhibition. This year, the organization invited artists from across the country to share images that interpret the idea of home. Image selections were made from over twelve hundred individual submissions by a jury including Tina Barney, a renowned portrait photographer based in New York; Christopher McCall, director of Pier 24 Photography in San Francisco; and Thea Traff, Associate Photo Editor at The New Yorker. Bringing together photographs made by artists across the country, this exhibition offers an exploration of home that encompasses a range of interpretations, techniques, and stylistic approaches. Through each artist’s individual understanding of the word, we are invited to meditate on our own connection to home as a feeling, an idea, and a place.

Contributing artists include: Amanda Boe (b. 1978), Sarah Christianson (b. 1982), Marna Clarke (b. 1940), Lindsey Filowitz (b. 1989), Susan Friedman (b. 1948), Mary Ellen Hawkins (b. 1993), Elizabeth Hibbard (b. 1989), Michael Hicks (b. 1982), Marcel De Kogel (b. 1972), Ward Long (b. 1984), Miles Mattison (b. 1985), Abelardo Morell (b.1948), Richard McWherter (b. 1957), and Mika Sperling (b. 1990).

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