Petal Power: Artwork from Jose Ortega Elementary School

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Oct 06, 2016 - Jan 04, 2017

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Petal Power
Artwork from Jose Ortega Elementary School

Jose Ortega Elementary School is a culturally diverse Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade public school located in San Francisco’s OMI (Oceanview-Merced Heights-Ingleside) neighborhood. Each class receives weekly art lessons to learn new skills for expression through a variety of mediums and techniques.

The focus of this project was to cultivate an appreciation for the intricacy of flowers through observation from an artistic perspective. Each student selected a single image from hundreds of photographs of flowers. They then sketched their flowers using pencil on black construction paper. Once their drawings were complete, students traced their lines in glue. After allowing the glue to dry, students used chalk pastels to color their compositions. Through this art project, students were able to study different types of flowers and discover the beauty in the tiniest of patterns as they developed their artistic skills and translated their observations into unique works of art.

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