Marilynne Morshead: Pattern Alchemy

Terminal 2

December 2012 - February 2013

Marilynne Morshead: Pattern Alchemy

"I make art to heal others, society, our environment, and myself —art is life."

                                                                                   Marilynne Morshead 2012

Marilynne Morshead graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in communications, video, and film, and with minors in photography, philosophy, and psychology. Concurrently, she studied and received certification from the Mass Media Institute at Stanford University, where she concentrated on photography and new media. While attending college, she participated in an Ansel Adams’ Summer Workshop in Yosemite; her early photographic mentors included Ted Orland, David Bayles, Jerry Uelsmann, and Martha Casanave.

Morshead blends her experience and passion as an artist with her skills and training as a medical hypnotherapist to provide a creative space for growth, solace, and transformation. Her art is medicinal. According to research, art promotes healing, reduces stress, enhances patient care, and can decrease the amount of time spent in the hospital. Morshead believes that the aesthetic beauty found in abstract images from the natural world provides a positive and rejuvenating contribution to the lives of her friends and family, and clients who are facing medical challenges.

Morshead’s artistic process involves creating new and comforting images and installations. The strong graphic quality of her work combined with harmonious abstract forms creates meditative pictorial landscapes. Pattern Alchemy provides an opportunity to experience tranquility during the hectic pace of modern living. By incorporating photography with hypnotherapy to facilitate healing, individuals and communities benefit from the transformation of everyday objects into works of art.


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