The Laurel School: Looking Back, Moving Ahead

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Feb 04, 2016 - Apr 07, 2016

The Laurel School:
Looking Back, Moving Ahead



The Laurel School, located in San Francisco’s Richmond District, nurtures and supports children with learning differences who struggle in a traditional school setting. Because every child has an individual learning style, teachers implement a broad curriculum, using a variety of techniques to help students learn individually and in cooperative groups to complement each learning style. For more than fifty years, the leadership, faculty, and staff at The Laurel School have encouraged students to do their best, regardless of their individual developmental stage.

Art, movement, and drama are integral parts of the daily classroom experience.  Students learn from experts who have years of training and experience. Their Visual Arts Program integrates art with science, social studies, mathematics, and music. Students explore a variety of materials and techniques to cultivate their artistic vision. Field trips to local museums and galleries enhance the curriculum.

Looking Back, Moving Ahead, a school-wide art project, presents artwork by first- through eighth-grade students. Included in the exhibition is work created in response to investigations of the elements of art, ancient Greece, and the artist Claude Monet. In addition to these themes, projects were designed to allow the student’s voice to shine, ensuring success for a wide range of learners.