Henry M. Gunn High School | Impermanence: A Point of Existence

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Apr 25, 2018 - Jul 25, 2018

Henry M. Gunn High School | Impermanence: A Point of Existence

Henry M. Gunn High School, known locally as Gunn, has been a model of rigorous and innovative learning since its founding in 1964. Located thirty-five miles south of San Francisco in the city of Palo Alto, the school neighbors Stanford University and Foothill College.

The school’s Visual and Performing Arts program is rooted in the belief that artistic education is a vital part of human development, and that the arts are a vehicle with which to teach, enlighten, transform, challenge, and comfort the community and world around us. The artwork presented here was produced in the studios used by students enrolled in the Advanced Drawing Honors, Painting Honors, and AP Studio Art courses. These upper division courses offer student artists a wide range of media to choose from in order to successfully express their concepts.

Impermanence: A Point of Existence brings together a diverse collection of works that speak to the external and internal meaning of impermanence—ranging from depictions of life cycles and changing seasons to visual explorations of emotional states and personal identity.

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