An Abundance of Gratitude: Starlight Christian Preschool

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July 2013 - September 2013

An Abundance of Gratitude:Starlight Christian Preschool

An Abundance of Gratitude:Starlight Christian PreschoolStarlight Christian Preschool (SCP), located in the Richmond and Sunset districts of San Francisco, California, is dedicated to providing education and childcare in a nurturing, loving, and encouraging environment. SCP is a privately owned, state-licensed day care facility. The school's philosophy is to provide quality childcare supportive environment, and to encourage and help each child to build a positive attitude, independence, respect, adaptability, and cooperation with one another. The leadership at SCP firmly believes in the innate capacity for children to develop and fulfill their intellectual potential and become wholesome, relevant, well-rounded, and competent individuals.

Starlight Christian Preschool

SCP focuses on providing an atmosphere where learning is fun and exciting while encouraging children to take advantage of new learning experiences. The preschool curriculum is designed to develop a positive self-image through a well-planned and carefully balanced early childhood education program. The curriculum includes language development, ethnic studies, reading readiness, dance, music, science, cooking, arts, crafts, bible stories, and social studies. SCP emphasizes interactive learning and creative expression.

Starlight Christian Preschool

Three- to five-year-old students created the artwork on display. They used drawing and painting skills along with different techniques like cutting, peeling, tearing, sponging, twisting, and gluing to create artwork that reflects their appreciation for nature, their family and friends, and for all the abundance life provides. Through this experience, the students use their imagination and creativity to express gratitude and joy.