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Fossils from the Ancient World Come to SFO


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Fossils from the Ancient World Come to SFO
New Airport Exhibition Features Fossils from the Collection of the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO -- Brontops and dinosaurs are in the halls of San Francisco International Airport - at Captured in Stone: Fossils from the California Academy of Sciences, a new exhibition located in Terminal 3.


Comprising over 200 objects, the exhibition presents an array of fossils from throughout the world. Fossils of various organisms, sizes and age are included, with examples ranging from those of long-extinct dinosaurs to still-recognized plant life. Locally discovered fossils include an approximately 10,000 year-old fossil of a Mammuthus colombiana found at the corner of Columbus and Pacific Streets in downtown San Francisco.


The exhibition also focuses on how fossils are collected; the process of constructing models of ancient plants and animals based on evidence found in fossils; and the information that fossils impart regarding the theory of continental drift, evolution, and animal relationships.


Captured in Stone: Fossils from the California Academy of Sciences is on view through February 5, 2006, free of charge. The exhibition is located post-security in Boarding Area F, Terminal 3. Please note that Captured in Stone is accessible only to passengers ticketed for travel through Terminal 3.


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