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Egyptian Revival: An Everlasting Allure



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Egyptian Revival: An Everlasting Allure
New exhibition features Egyptian-inspired objects from nineteenth-century mantel clocks to ornate Victorian table stands and Art Deco beaded purses

SAN FRANCISCO –- Egyptian culture first enchanted the West when Cleopatra captured the hearts of legendary Romans Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony more than two thousand years ago. Centuries later, Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign (1798–1801) ignited an inextinguishable fascination with ancient Egypt. Numerous scholars and artists accompanied Napoleon during his expedition to record the sights and discoveries of this mystifying land. A number of other significant events contributed to the West’s fascination with Egypt, particularly in the early 1800s and again in the later part of the century. This novel exposure to Egypt inspired Egyptian Revival. The design style permeated Western decorative arts, furniture, jewelry, architecture, commemorative, and funerary monuments. Obelisks, hieroglyphs, sphinxes, pyramids, scarabs, and lotus blossoms were popular motifs.


In 1922, Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb and the extensive artifacts uncovered with it sparked renewed enthusiasm for all things Egyptian. Ancient Egypt influenced everything from commercial buildings, movie theaters, and films to clothing, mass-produced items, and advertisements. No other ancient civilization’s art and architecture has captivated the Western world in quite the same manner. The public’s love of ancient Egypt remains eternal.


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Egyptian Revival: An Everlasting Allure is located pre-security in the International Terminal Main Hall Departures Lobby, San Francisco International Airport. The exhibition is on view to all Airport visitors from January 10, 2015 to July 5, 2015. There is no charge to view the exhibition.


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