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Bay Area Glass Artists Featured in Exhibition at SFO


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Bay Area Glass Artists Featured in Exhibition at SFO


SAN FRANCISCO -- A new exhibition at San Francisco International Airport, Varying Vessels: New Twists and Old Forms in Contemporary Glass, presents the recent work of twelve contemporary glass artists from the San Francisco Bay Area.


A concentration of educational opportunities, such as glass programs at the university level, and production studios, both private and public, have made the area a center for glass arts in the United States. A variety of glass blowing techniques ranging from the Italian cane tradition, in which colored glass rods are twisted to create delicate spirals, to pâte-de-verre, in which a paste of ground glass is poured into a mold and carved when hardened, comprise the exhibition. The range of vessels includes Pamina Traylor’s drinking glasses, Prax Gore’s tureen, and Sheri Blevins’s glass purses.


Artists represented in the exhibition are Lynne-Rachel Altman, Dean Bensen, Sheri Blevins, Anna Bradley, Joe Cariati, Elin Christopherson, Prax Gore, Anne Hartford, Jerry Kung, James McLeod, Sean Salstrom, and Pamina Traylor.


Varying Vessels will be on view through April 2003. Located pre-security in Terminal 1 Gallery A-3, the exhibition is free of charge and open to the public 24 hour a day.


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