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The Art of Recology: The Artist-in-Residence

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The Art of Recology: The Artist-in-Residence Program 1990-2013
New exhibition features artwork of Recology San Francisco's Artist-in-Residence Program

SAN FRANCISCO -- A wooden skateboard becomes a painter’s canvas, plastic bags are woven into an elegant evening dress, and hundreds of pieces of Styrofoam blocks are reconfigured as a full-sized replica of a Hummer vehicle.  Since its conception by visionary artist and activist Jo Hanson in 1990, Recology San Francisco’s internationally acclaimed Artist-in-Residence Program has provided more than 100 artists with a stipend, 24-hour access to a studio space, and permission to scavenge for material in the Public Disposal and Recycling Area. The Art of Recology features the work of forty-five artists inspired by their residency to create artwork that provokes greater awareness of the waste stream and encourages new ways of thinking about resource conservation and sustainability.
Special thanks to Deborah Munk, Sharon Spain, and Micah Gibson of Recology San Francisco for their generous participation in this exhibition.
Selected images from the exhibition are available for download at:
The Art of Recology: The Artist in Residence Program 1990-2013 is located in Terminal 3, Boarding Area F from Saturday, March 16, 2013 through Sunday, October 27, 2013. The exhibition is located post-security and is only accessible to passengers ticketed for travel through Terminal 3.  There is no charge to view the exhibition.

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