Terminal 1

Terminal 1 - Level 3 - Post-Security
The SFO Peephole Cinema

The SFO Peephole Cinema – To Travel is to Live 2016

Signe Baumane, Kota Ezawa, Laurie O’Brien
digital film
SFAC 131, 132, 133

The SFO Peephole Cinema – To Travel is to Live 

Welcome to SFO’s Peephole Cinema, where silent film shorts are screened through dime-sized peepholes. The format of Peephole Cinema harkens back to Thomas Edison’s early motion picture exhibition device, the kinetoscope, designed for films to be viewed by one individual at a time. As advances in cinema proliferated through the 20thCentury, movie theatres popped up all over the country and viewing quickly evolved into a social experience. In many ways, our contemporary experience of technology and entertainment in particular, has reverted back to the solo experience: the individual and their digital device. Peephole Cinema invites elements of both the old and the new, the shared experience and the solitary.

This year-long iteration of Peephole Cinema invites three artists to create short silent films inspired by their own travels, as well as the inspirational words of Hans Christian Andersen.

Peephole Cinema is a “miniature cinema” installation with satellite projects in three cities: San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles created by Laurie O’Brien.

Short films by:
Signe Baumane
ABC of Travel (2016)
The Purpose of Travel (2016)

Kota Ezawa
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (2016)
Moon Walk (2016)

Laurie O’Brien
Emilia the Typist (2016)
Jack's City (2016)

The SFO Peephole Cinema is commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission.