Upcoming Exhibition | Mathematics: Vintage and Modern

Upcoming Exhibition | Mathematics

Terminal 2

July 2021 - May 2022

Vintage and Modern

Like music, mathematics is a universal language—understood and used in every culture, civilization, and school. And just as music is much more than notes, math is far more than numbers. Today your web browser relies on prime numbers for security; drug manufacturers apply mathematical tools to determine protein folding; and cosmologists use topology to understand the shape of our universe. This exhibition only touches the surface of mathematics. Every equation tells a story; every answer leads to another question.

Mathematics: Vintage and Modern will feature objects from the past, including mechanical calculators and slide rules, when “computer” referred to a person adding columns of numbers or cranking out figures on a mechanical calculator. It will also explore teaching tools that help students learn arithmetic, geometry, and calculus as well as vintage children’s toys and games. Several works of art on display will demonstrate complex mathematics through sculptural forms. Examples from modern math—knot theory, topology, and ambiguous models, will give a sense of how math deals with the very dimensions of space.