Upcoming Exhibition | Kay Sekimachi: Weaving Traditions

Kay Sekimachi: Weaving Traditions

Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Departures Level 2, Gallery 1D
Nov 04, 2023 - Jun 09, 2024

Kay Sekimachi: Weaving Traditions 

Kay Sekimachi (b. 1926) is a pioneering fiber artist whose complex work reflects an elegant impression of simplicity. For more than seven decades, she has mastered an impressive range of media and techniques, including on- and off-loom textiles, stitched-paper forms, and molded-fiber bowls. Loom weaving captivated Sekimachi after a chance introduction in college sent her on a remarkable lifelong journey. Considered a “weaver’s weaver,” Sekimachi has created an oeuvre of decorative, figurative, and abstract textile art and sculpture that is without parallel. This exhibition presents a retrospective of Sekimachi’s extraordinary woven art from the collection of Forrest L. Merrill.

A very special thank you to Forrest L. Merrill for making this exhibition possible.

Kay Sekimachi at her loom  1961
Photo by the Berkeley Gazette
Berkeley, California
Courtesy of Kay Sekimachi