Upcoming Exhibition | Curiosity and Discovery: Antique Scientific Instruments

Upcoming Exhibition | Antique Scientific Instruments

Harvey Milk Terminal 1

August 2021 - April 2022

Curiosity and Discovery: Antique Scientific Instruments

When modern science emerged in the seventeenth century, scientists invented specialized instruments to explore the world and universe in a closer, more logical manner. These intriguing devices facilitated the careful study of almost all facets of life through research and demonstration of ideas and theories. During the nineteenth century, new technologies allowed for precision manufacturing of scientific instruments. An array of devices assisted some of the most brilliant minds on earth as scientists discovered progressive subjects such as electrodynamics and atomic theory. This exhibition will feature an assortment of rare mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century instruments from a variety of scientific fields.

A very special thank you to Mark McElyea for making this exhibition possible.