The Treehouse: A Sanctuary

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May 04, 2020 - Oct 18, 2020

The Treehouse: A Sanctuary The Treehouse: A Sanctuary The Treehouse: A Sanctuary

The Treehouse: A Sanctuary
Gateway High School 

Gateway High School was founded twenty years ago in San Francisco with the intent of offering a well-rounded education compatible with contemporary society. A public charter accessible to students with varied learning styles, it attracts and celebrates a diverse student body that differs in race, ethnicity, culture, sexual identity, socioeconomic class, and religion.

The Visual Art Department faculty at Gateway High School includes San Francisco-based teaching artists Tommy Becker and Nicole Rose Gelormino. They believe their teaching practice is an extension of their studio practice and their presence as artists in the community. Regardless of previous experience, all students expand their skills by exploring and manipulating new artistic materials. The curriculum requires students to make original aesthetic choices to convey meaning through form. Gateway students also learn to view and analyze works of art using their own life knowledge and visual thinking strategies.

As students demonstrate a dedication to artistic practice and an interest in continuing to develop their own visual language, they engage in focused, individualized projects and group critiques. Inspiration is drawn from works by contemporary artists as well as field trips to local museums and galleries. While developing unique portfolios, students participate in the installation of their work in the school’s gallery, galleries in the larger community, and web-based galleries. Gateway art students learn that within the artistic process, the unknown becomes familiar, the unspeakable is expressed, and the unexpected drives us closer to self-realization.

The paintings on display by ninth- through twelfth-grade students explore the treehouse as the ultimate childhood refuge. Students invented treehouses for children they knew, for children in other places in the world, or for their own inner child. They referenced web imagery, photographs they made, and their imagination in designing the treehouses. Students used tempera paint to fully realize the treehouse through color, tonal value, texture, brushstroke, and the interplay between edges and layers.

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