Seeing the World Around Us: Kids Art Museum:

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Dec 10, 2015 - Jan 31, 2016

Kids Art Museum:
Seeing the World Around Us



The Kids Art Museum (KAM), located in Monterey, California, is dedicated to promoting art education for all children. KAM offers an opportunity for children in Monterey County to have access to a professional arts education. KAM’s mission as a nonprofit arts-education facility is to be a place that sparks creativity and encourages it to grow. The curriculum of KAM is based on the visual and performing arts content standards for pre-kindergarten through twelve grades in the California public school system.

Seeing the World Around Us is a retrospective exhibition, celebrating KAM’s eleventh anniversary. KAM’s permanent art collection began in 2004 at Bright Minds Child Development Center in San Jose, California. The curriculum at Bright Minds was based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, incorporating art education to develop longer attention spans in young children. Fine arts were interlaced with the daily curriculum and children’s activities at Bright Minds. The children worked on group and individual art projects. The group projects became the foundation of the art collection of KAM.

Children from Bright Minds Child Development Center, KAM, and Al Afaaq Girls School, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates created the artwork on display using acrylic paint on canvas.