San Francisco Waldorf Grade School

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October 2015 - November 2015

San Francisco Waldorf Grade School
An Inspired Approach to Education



San Francisco Waldorf Grade School, located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, is an independent, co-educational, non-sectarian school, providing education for kindergarten through eighth-grade students. The Waldorf School is one of three campuses, including a nearby nursery and a college-preparatory high school in the West Portal neighborhood.

The kindergarten and grade school provide a balanced curriculum that inspires students at each stage of their development. Movement, the arts, and the outdoors are woven into the school day. Classes in handwork and woodwork strengthen students’ fine-motor skills, powers of concentration, and aesthetic sensibility. Students also receive musical training, which includes vocal instruction and learning how to play orchestral instruments. Through the arts, students gain the ability to think creatively across subjects, enhancing their sense of awareness and broadening their understanding and appreciation of beauty.

Waldorf education is thriving at more than one thousand schools in sixty countries. While each school operates independently, they all strive to help students become free, resilient, and creative human beings who lead lives of purpose and direction.

Investigative Learning: Art, Nature, and Science features artwork from kindergarten through eighth-grade students and was inspired by the integration of artistic expression across different academic subjects. Students explored a variety of disciplines ranging from agriculture and anatomy to geography and architecture.