Northern Alaska and Moving Through the Seasons Photography

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February 2012 - April 2012

Northern Alaska – Moving Through the Seasons Photography by Heather Meader-McCausland

Heather Meader-McCausland. . . I was struck by the intensity and the contrasts of the different seasons in the Interior Arctic. So many people immediately think about ice and snow and the lack of sun—but they rarely realize that we have months of delicate spring flowers, summer sunsets that become sunrises, and brilliant fall colors. It is such a remarkable transformation up there.

Brooks Range, Alaska 2011

Heather Meader-McCausland's earliest memories are deeply connected with photography; her parents were documentary filmmakers from the mountains of northern Alaska, nearly one hundred miles past the Arctic Circle. For almost two decades, her family lived seventy miles from the nearest town, without roads, running water, electricity, computers, or generators. Today, Meader-McCausland divides her time between her family homestead in Alaska and her home in Sonoma County, California.

While in college, Meader-McCausland took photography classes, and later developed her technical skills in isolation, surrounded by a remote Alaskan wilderness. Solitude provides uninterrupted time for creative discovery and artistic development, which allowed her to experience the dramatic and beautiful Alaskan Brooks Range Mountains continuously day and night.

Meader-McCausland found inspiration and artistic depth through the work and writings of photographers like Ansel Adams, Michio Hoshino, Lisa Kristine, and Mireille de la Lez. They have unknowingly mentored her over the years. Each one of these talented photographers impressed upon her the importance of combining color, composition, light, and perspective to craft striking images that have an immediate emotional impact on the viewer. Meader-McCausland sees the land and the camera in new ways.

The landscape continuously shapes our lives and communities. Northern Alaska–Moving Through the Seasons illustrates that all of life is interconnected and hopefully creates dialogue that leads us to greater harmony with the environment and each other.

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