Children's Art - Marin School

Concrete, Glass, Metal, and Sky: Images of San Francisco Architecture

The Marin School (TMS), located in Sausalito, California, is a fully accredited college preparatory high school composed of passionate, skilled, and motivated teachers who are experts in their respective fields. The teachers wholeheartedly believe in each student’s unique potential and are equipped with the talent, tools, skill, and enthusiasm to meet the needs of multiple learning styles.

The leaders and staff at TMS encourage students to be active learners and to expand their world outside the school’s walls through extracurricular activities and community involvement. Small class sizes naturally encourage more one-to-one teaching, experiential learning, innovative lessons, and nontraditional, yet effective, learning opportunities. TMS offers a challenging, thought-provoking curriculum that effectively prepares students for college.

Creative approaches to teaching and learning are cornerstone values at TMS. Through photography, students explore and foster their creative forms of expression. Armed with a strong understanding of aesthetics, methods, and materials, they learn how to see objectively through experimentation with line, color, shape, texture, and light. Field trips throughout the year augment classroom learning, giving students the opportunity to explore various techniques of how to capture a compelling image.

The photographs on display are representative of the diversity of architectural styles and landmarks found in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many are well-known and often-photographed icons. However, what is different is the way in which young people have depicted the world around them.